Venture Capitalist

Venture Capital is the money or capital provided to a company lacking in funds to further grow or enhance their products or services. However, we also understand that money doesn't solve everything or guarantee a successful business. So, just as importantly, the venture capitalist must value-add in other ways, from providing business know-how to technical guidance, or even just a pat on the back or a shoe in the rear when required.

Venture capitalists undertake high risks by investing their money into relative unknowns. So, in return, they usually receive preference shares and have a say in the important decisions to safeguard their investments. The real returns however, usually occur when the venture capitalist eventually liquidates its shares through an IPO, trade sale, sell-back, etc.

For young, viable companies which have difficulty raising capital, partnering with a venture capitalist could be an appealing and highly beneficial option.

We are a young boutique venture capitalist firm looking to invest in small to medium size start-ups. We look for young vibrant companies with products or services that have potential explosive growth but lacks infrastructure or resources. The industries that we favour include finance technology, biotechnology and healthcare, renewable energy, media and entertainment, equipment, IT services, electronics, business services, consumer products, financial services, computers, healthcare services, and retailing.

Being a young firm, we believe in giving personalised services and we take pride in being hands-on in the businesses that we invest in. We will work closely with our business partners to ensure that our investment is put to good use to grow a successful business and returns.




STRONG government commitment in launching mega infrastructure, housing and commercial projects and the cheaper ringgit is making Malaysia an attractive investment destination.


Financial technology may still be in its early stages, but 2016 was nonetheless a whirlwind year for the FinTech world. And it’s about to get even better. According to the annual FinTech Report, cumulative investment globally will exceed $150 billion in 2017.


Biotech stocks have had a strong run so far in 2017 with the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index soaring 19.4% year-to-date (YTD). This is in sharp contrast to last year’s performance when the Index was down 19.1%. There were several reasons for the sector’s dismal performance last year foremost being the drug pricing controversy.

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